ADRUNNOGNT formed in 2018 they are a couple artist collaborated Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (VN) and Arnont Nongyao (TH). They have been working as experimenting in different cultures, by listening social sound and shooting films and create to art work, performance and workshop event.

“Amnesia Mole”

(ADRUNNOGNT) 2019, at Wonder Fruit, Pattaya, Thailand.
Sound installation, site-specific sound recording,
16 horn speakers, 16 amplifiers.

Amnesia Mole. This installation compiles sound recordings from The Fields; sounds from distant and disparate locations such as lakes, trees, grounds, sky, construction, and animals are drawn into a host structure. Inside, visitors experience a symphonic combination of the sounds, and investigate their sources. Familiar and strange vibrations intermix to create a new language we can observe together.

“Moving in Fridge and the Bibliotheque of Energy”

s(k)now Winter, Snow, and the Subarctic, Tenjinyama art studio at Honcho elementary school, Sapporo, Japan (Artist in school program) 2019, co-work with
Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (VN).
photos by Yoshisato Komaki and video by Taiga kobayashi.

DIY public instruments “Ramen san”,
Documentary of Honcho school’s talent, activity and installation.

The white of snow is the big screen of moving life in Sapporo. Small movements of city’s wind brings the energy to every corner. If we use the snow ground as a real screen, it will project the energy of people in snow culture by itself, and, by connect each area with different areas, we can create multichannel screens. Besides, We are interested in snow sledge Ainu’s inventing and Dekochari culture - the light decorated bicycle. We want to somehow touch their energy and invent a new machine/vehicle/instrument by our feeling with Sapporo and also together with the students that will join our workshop. We’ll use that machine to move around the snow for exploring Sapporo’s culture, shooting, recording sound and experimenting with sound and moving images.


“CICADA(O) / .- .-. --- --- -- ..-. ..- .-.. .-.. --- ..-.

-.-- --- ..- .-. ... . .-.. ..-.”

Arnont Nongyao (TH)  & Nguyen Ngoc Tu Dung (VN)
Sound installation 16 speakers.
A part of group exhibition “
Informative to Transformative”
Curated by Ploy Charoenpol

at Jing Jai gallery, Chiangmai.

Total of 16 sound files are transformed from our field recordings
(at WonderFruit, Pattaya, 2019) to a pure frequency that builds into the sound structure of this room. Each frequency is independent and randomly connected. They are weaving to themselves and absorbed into people’s heads.

Where are you now? What are you seeing?
a cicada making friends with a frog?


or a room full of yourself?

Photos by Jing Jai gallery team.